Friday, 4 February 2011

The Top 5 Hottest Iphone Games You Need To Own in 2011

Over the past year the iphone is finally pushing forward and coming into its own as a serious gaming platform. With a flexible ios platform developers have been releasing some exciting games that have quite simply knocked the socks off its compettitors. Recently reaching just over 10 billion downloads from the appstore gives solid proof of that sucess. While not all of those downloads will be games, they will still make up a good portion of that. With great flexibility and price its no wonder people are getting so excited of what the iphone has to offer.

Whether you are a new or existing iphone gamer there is most definately a list of games you need to own on your iphone. What you have in your hands is an amazing piece of technology that is just waiting to be utilized for some serious fun. Here's a list of the 5 games you need to own for the iphone and ipod alike and my reasons why.

NO 1. ANGRY BIRDS by Rovio

There's a reason why angry birds has sold more than 7 million copies on the iphone and why, time and time again it has remained the number 1 game in more than one category for the most part of 2 years. The main reason being its so bloomin addictive! With simple yet cute graphics and intuitive puzzle gameplay it appeals to all the family, young and old alike. The basis of the game is that you have a set number of birds at the beginning of each stage each with their own abilities and you have to knock down an obscure structure which brings down on the heads of the dastardly pigs (its ok they keep stealing the bird eggs). Thats basically it! and yet the sucess has been utterly phenominal!

Aside from the gameplay itself, what makes this game (in my opinion) so damn successful is pricing - at 59p this is really a steal, and the regular updates. Not only do you get a fantastic game for the price of a chocolate bar, you also get more and more levels being released all the time and they really do keep to this promise.

Ok so most people reading this will have angry birds but if you haven't then it's ok i will forgive you but go now and buy it. In my opinion it's like having any nintendo console and not having ever played a mario game. This isnt just any old game, in my opinion its an iphone defining game. Definately worthy of the number 1 spot!

NO 2. INFINITY BLADE by Chair entertainment group

While this might be open to debate, i feel strongly that this deserves to be amongst the top 5 hottest games. Chair entertainment is the award winning studio from Epic Games and are the creators of this game....need i say any more? The graphics are absolutely and utterly fantastic. As a huge fan of rpg games i have to say this is an absolute must buy for any fan of the genre. What i love most about this game is the huge list of weapon and armour upgrades, each with their own set of stats and looks. As you play and progress through the game each item you have equipped will grant you xp to level you up - currently the highest level attainable is 45. You have stat points to spend respectfully too making your character even more customizable.

Did i mention the gameplay? Ok so here it gets really interesting, and also slightly contraversial. You cannot actively move your character through the game. Yet this honestly dosent effect the enjoyment at all. Its very difficult to incorperate this caliber of graphics onto a device such as this and be able to do everything you would normally do with a console game. However this actually in my opinion adds to the charm of the game. Instead of navigating through you are treated to some amazing cutscenes preparing for the next battle. This leaves room for the fighting itself which consists of swiping and tapping making sure you block and dodge at the right times, and smash your sword or axe down on the enemies head. The combat has that meaty satisfaction in that respect and leaves you thirsting for more as you fight your way through the citadel.

While the game seems a little on the short side at first glance, it actually has alot more to offer. The idea is you battle your way to the end of the citadel to the God King where you either beat him down (he's hard) get the option to join him, or more often than not, get an ass-whooping of a lifetime! If you do manage to take him down or get the option to join him you will be treated to a short ending and the credits roll either way the game ends and starts over again as your descendant in the future about to go through the same things you went through to avenge your death, only to find enemies have levelled up so the challenge gets even harder. It will actually take you quite some time to aquire every item and level. The game gives you the option to buy in-game gold but i reccomend not doing so as it would take half the fun away. Chair have promised too some awesome updates which should hopefully be out soon, and if its anything like whats already released, it should be mind blowing!

NO 3. REAL RACING 2 by Firemint

Following the huge sucess of real racing 1 comes this breathtaking sequel that has took the appstore by storm. Clocking in at £2.99 again this is only a tiny fraction of what this game in my opinion is worth. I know i'm a sucker for graphics but there's no hiding the fact that whats on offer here is absolutely stunning.

From the onset You will notice just how polished the interface is, the menu system has got massive depth and everything looks and feels just like a console quality game. Utilizing the iphone touch and tilt controls perfectly, the game handles like an absolute dream. With a massive array of liscensed cars to choose from and numerous different locations you're in for a real treat with this one. Aside from the career where you will spend most of your time, the multiplayer is fantastic too with up to 16 other players battling against each other online.

Overall This meets the boundries on the iphone and slams them forward some more providing some intense racing action backed up by unbelievable graphics. As the title suggests this offers a more "real racing" feel and should definately find a snug little spot on your iphone ready for you to belt out some intense racing action.


Aside from infinity blade, never before have i downloaded a game for my iphone and sat with my jaw open wide as i begin to play. I have to confess i nearly wet myself with excitement as i realised that i was playing this game on my iphone. The graphics are absolutely breathtaking, easily console quality when played on the iphone 4 at least, and the sounds are both scary and atmospheric making for a very scary game indeed! brilliant fun!

But its not just the graphics that are what makes this game brilliant, its also the gameplay itself. One thing the iphone struggles with from time to time is the control system. Being restricted to touch screen only it can make it quite difficult to incorperate decent controls that don't leave you staring at your thumbs all the while missing all of the action. Fortunately dead space gets round this rather cleverly as you get an over the shoulder perspective and navigating and interaction is one of the smoothest i've ever experienced on the iphone.

Fans of the horror and action genre should definately check this one out and if you're a fan of the dead space franchise then consider this a must buy, no questions asked. At 3.99 on the appstore i dont think ive ever experienced better value of money, ever, with anything, seriously!

Word of warning however, this might not be one for the kids as it does contain some quite gory scenes, and at times it even made me jump countless times!

NO 5. CHOPPER 2 by Majic Jungle Software

This amazing new installment smashes onto the ios platform causing heads to turn and reviews everywhere to ignite into a torrent of praise. Featured in "Whats Hot" This side scrolling helicopter action game is both fantastic to look at and using the iphones capabilities plays like an absolute dream. Currently on sale at 59p in the appstore again this is an absolute steal at that price.

Posing an impressive 36 levels you will be quickly hooked playing from varied selection of missions across 12 different locations, from rescuing allies to taking out the enemy units. Clevery using the tilt controls to control your helicopter from left to right, up and down to gain altitude or descend respectfully, this really puts maximum control in your hands for an intense action experience.

It is the controls which has this game being talked about everywhere being one of the first of its kind to allow users to plug in their ipod to a tv using a vga cable, turning the ipod into a remote control! This makes for an immensly enjoyable experience and more importantly is something not to be missed if you own an iphone. Plus its a great one for showing off to friends and family!

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